Buenos Aires’s Sex Hotels Aim to Fulfill Every Fantasy

Argentina’s capital city is home to a variety of by-the-hour motels that cater to all kinds of kinks. Known as “telos,” they’re commonly used for extramarital affairs since they prioritize privacy. Increasingly, though, married couples have been booking time in telos to get away from the kids or spice things up.

One of the main attractions of most telos is that they require very little human contact. Drive up, choose your room, and have fun. Room service gets left outside the door.

Every room is outfitted with special accessories. The casino room has a roulette bed that actually rotates, pointing guests to a potential sex position.

The 60s room comes equipped with a “love chair” and a handy wall diagram that shows you the various ways it can be used.

The Castillo room is ready for avid Game of Thrones fans or for those who fancy themselves knights in shining armor.

An hour in this prison cell will cost you $20 (or $315 in Argentinian pesos) for an hour and a half on a weekend. It’s less if you book during the week

Hotel Casablanca has a store that sells sex toys, costumes, and souvenirs. Want to commemorate the experience with a Casablanca mug? They’ve got you covered.



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